Mrs. Doubtfire House San Francisco

Image by Brooke Ekdahl

Mrs. Doubtfire House – ’90s film gem

There are many movies from my childhood that were filmed in San Francisco that are undeniably gems. I don’t think anyone would argue with me that Mrs. Doubtfire was the best thing to come out of 1993. At the time, I was seven, and had no idea what divorce was, and I forget that it was one of the themes of the movie.  All I was interested in was this man called Robin Williams! Who was this guy?

What are these hilarious voices coming out of his mouth? As I watch as an adult, I’m still pleasantly tickled by certain scenes.  My favorite might be the scene at the pool when Mrs. Doubtfire pelts a lime at Pierce Brosnan’s character. “Run by fruiting!” If I’m somewhat close to Pacific Heights, I might do a little drive by.

To me, the house is a nice placeholder in time. Oddly, looking at the house doesn’t necessarily scream Mrs. Doubtfire to me, but it reminds me of the time and space in which that movie gave me the most joy.  The discovery of Robin Williams, really.

Over the years of living in San Francisco, I’ve loved hearing Robin Williams stories from locals and work acquaintances. There’s not enough space here to go into the fine accounts of what a generous person he was.  Even though he is gone, what he left us is precious and still very much alive. Maybe after reading this, you’ll want to revisit the movie. I know I do!

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