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Aida Omanović (1990)

About me
I’m a Pharmacy student at the University of Sarajevo, music and travel addict. My free time usually consists of looking for new places where I can spend quality time with my friends, listen to some good music, learn something new or just seize the moment. I find it really important that in this frenzied and busy world, one has a part of the day just for themselves and close ones because in the end nothing can compare to those precious moments with the people you care about.

My interests are eclectic and I’m always eager for new experiences. The thing I enjoy the most is finding people who also share the same passion for anything that is on my list like music, travelling, movies, languages, astronomy etc. Nothing better than that overwhelming feeling you get when talking with someone who completely understands your excitement over something.

I wanted to become a Spotter because I find real pleasure in sharing my discoveries with others and the best reward is if they find it enjoyable too.

Why Sarajevo?
There are a lot of reasons actually, but in a nutshell:

  • It’s because this is a city with a soul and it’s full of good, loud, humorous and most of all open-hearted people.
  • It’s because of the way of life here, the cultural diversity, the rich and unique cuisine and clash of western and eastern influences.
  • It’s because wherever you go, you’ll miss drinking coffee with friends which can last for several hours, and something like that is very common here.
  • It’s because of that late noon walk along Vilsonovo Promenade and the night view from Yellow Bastion.
  • It’s because of that specific humour that people over here use to get them through hard times.
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