Musical Stairway Sarajevo

Image by Aida Omanović

Musical Stairway – Homage to B&H music scene

Sarajevo used to be the musical center of Yugoslavia and this stairway is a homage to that period.

If you consider everything that surrounds the stairway, located in the city center near the cult meeting point “Sloga”, it’s no wonder the creators decided to dedicate it to the B&H singers and bands who used to play there. You’ll find benches to sit on near a short biography of selected musicians and special audio devices are placed on every bench, giving everybody an opportunity to listen to the most famous songs by Indexi, Zabranjeno Pušenje, Adi Lukovac & Ornaments etc. This way, the benches have an educational role as well. I intentionally chose these three bands because for me they represent the best of the playlists you’ll find on the stairway and also different periods of social and cultural life in Sarajevo.

Indexi is a cult band from the ’70s and that was a period of peace and prosperity in our country, Zabranjeno Pušenje belongs to the New Primitives subcultural movement from the ’80s, created as a resistance to any form of establishment – cultural, social, and political, not just rock’n’roll, and Adi Lukovac and Ornaments belongs to Rock Under Siege project, created during the war, 1994, a way young people in those days chose to deal with the cruel reality of a war and siege of a city.

This is perhaps the only spot in Sarajevo dedicated to music, and that’s why I recommend it to any music lover out there.

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Pruščakova 10, Sarajevo

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24 hours daily


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