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Alan Dardagan

About me
I love giving people tours and showing them my city. I like meeting new people and cultures. I enjoy reading and learning about the history of Sarajevo and my country. Quite often, I venture out on hikes and road trips where I explore new places and possibilities. I am also someone who speaks quite a few languages and has knowledge in many fields, so if you met me you’d probably be surprised by the stuff I know.

Why I love my city
Sarajevo is a unique place. It is both modern and traditional, old and new, fun and serious, happy and sad. Some people call it “Europe’s best-kept secret”. I am a winter kind of person, so Sarajevo offers lots of mountains to go skiing or hiking. I love Sarajevo’s rich history, many religions living together, cuisine… To me, Sarajevo is like a time machine: at one point, you feel as if you are in Istanbul, a few seconds later it feels like Vienna. It can also feel like the Soviet Union. I never felt bored or disappointed in Sarajevo, because this city always offers something fresh and unique.

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