Lovers Park Sarajevo

Image by Alan Dardagan

Lovers Park – Love is in the park

Good news for those who are in love and all others. There is a park in Sarajevo called “Park Zaljubljenih” (Lovers Park).  It is a popular place among couples and people with children.

It is nice to know there is a place in Sarajevo that honors love. Especially these days, because it seems like people are increasingly getting distant from each other. Lovers Park is in no way a place for public displays of affection (even though it happens occasionally) and actually some people say that couples sometimes come here to solve their disputes, or sometimes friends become lovers after visiting Lovers Park. I love this place because my aunt took part in building it. She tended the flowers and the garden as a young woman. I also like the statue that depicts two people in love — they are melded together into one person, which coincides with religious and cultural depictions of love and marriage where married couples are seen as one body.

So why not give Lovers Park a visit? Maybe you’ll fall in love or maybe receive some other form of affection. Who knows? This park is quite close to Route 66, so if you pay this bar a visit maybe this park could be next on your list.

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Details about this spot



Azize Šaćirbegović 4B, Sarajevo

Opening Times

24 hours daily


Last Changed Date: 2016-05-19 11:45:13 +0200 (Thu, 19 May 2016)