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Image by Alan Dardagan

Statues of Writers – Richness of literature

Statues do not just exist for birds to practice their aiming skills. Statues have a story behind them, and writer statues in Sarajevo tell a story about rich Bosnian literature throughout the centuries.

There are many statues of writers in several Sarajevan parks. Writers like Branko Copic, Mesa Selimovic, Silvije Strahimir Kranjcevic… Most of them are in Mali Park very close to Restoran San. One of the most interesting ones is the one just next to the Multicultural Man. There, you can find a statue of Ivo Andrić. He is one of the most prominent and well known Bosnian writers, famous for winning a Nobel prize in literature. I had the pleasure of going to the same school as Ivo – Prva Gimnazija Sarajevo. This school has a museum inside, and inside there is Ivo’s report card displayed in it. He was a really bad student, his grades were horrible, even his grade in his mother tongue. That did not stop him from becoming one of the most dominant writers of the 20th century.

For book lovers, I would highly recommend several books of Bosnian literature. Those are: “Na Drini Cuprija”, “Tvrdava”, “Orlovi Rano Lete”, “Prokleta Avlija”, “Dervis i Smrt”.

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