Avrasia Sofia

Image by Boyko Blagoev

Avrasia – The Turkish restaurant

In one of my previous articles, I mentioned good restaurants with oriental food. Indeed, in the area where I live there are more Turkish restaurants per square meter than in Istanbul probably. Avrasia is probably the simplest but the most delicious.

The food is outstanding which is one of the reasons why the cooks have worked there for years. They have a lot of ready main dishes (canteen style) like meatballs with eggplant or veal with okra. Or course, there’s grilled stuff such as lahmacun, İskender kebab, adana kebab, pide, etc.

Make sure you leave some space for dessert – sütlaç or baklava. And to help you digest all this delicacies, order a nice Turkish tea at the end – you can choose how strong you like it – ask or ‘açik’ (ah-chuk, weak), or ‘koyu’ (koh-yoo, strong) or just ask for ‘çay’ and it will come normal strength.

It’s impossible to find a place here to sit down during lunch. Keep in mind that even though the place underwent complete renovation, it still looks like a fast food place. Therefore I would recommend getting take-away food and not bringing your girlfriend for a romantic dinner.

There are a lot of Turkish restaurants in Sofia. Just to name a few – Zeko, Turquoise, T&M. They may offer fancier (and much pricier) setting but they are hardly a match for the taste of this place.

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Details about this spot



Tsar Simeon 108, Sofia

Opening Times

Mon - Sat 09:00 - 21:00


Döner kebab: BGN 6

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