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Bogomil from Sofia

I like to explore my city and find hidden gems. Over the years Sofia developed i...

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It might be interesting to know that Bulgaria was amongst the first in the world to actually manufacture probiotics – a type of food supplement that has living microorganisms in it. The probiotics in question, Daflorn Probiotics, seem to have been originally developed for the international space programme “Intercosmos” as space food and were later declassified after the collapse of the Soviet block and are now available for mass production.

The product range is quite extensive and offers products for dealing with different health issues, such as eye-sight problems, allergies, stomach problems, etc. Of course there are products for weight-loss and although I’ve tried them I cannot really claim they work well – as all weight products do. However I can definitely recommend their products with aloe vera, which are very good as well as their products with real Bulgarian rose-oil – this product addresses such a wide spectrum of problems that it simply amazing.

Interestingly enough the company seems to sell one of the few probiotic functional foods in the world as most probiotics and supplements in general are being sold in capsules only. The probiotic functional foods are considered the next step in food nutrition but are rather expensive for manufacturing.

The company itself is a small one and mostly sells their products in Bulgaria and you could consider the products to be boutique products. It might be interesting to try out something new and innovative that cannot be bought elsewhere.

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Bogomil from Sofia

Bogomil Alexandrov photo

I like to explore my city and find hidden gems. Over the years Sofia developed i...

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