Vkusnoto kebapche Sofia

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Vkusnoto kebapche – A real Bulgarian kebapche

Vkusnoto kebapche (meaning the tasty sausage roll) is an authentic Bulgarian restaurant. If you haven’t yet tried kebapche, this is a kind of sausage roll made of ground pork and grilled on the barbeque. It is a very typical Bulgarian meal and you could eat it at restaurants, or have it in a bun, like a hot dog.

The restaurant Vkusnoto kebapche is one of the few remaining restaurants where they make the sausage rolls on the spot. The setting itself is far from posh or luxurious and to the contrary you might find it a bit worn out, but it is the food you would go there for, not for the interior for sure.

Most of the grilled dishes are recommended, but definitely try the sausage rolls (kebapche) with some luytenitsa (tomato and pepper chutney – very typical in Bulgaria). Add some fries to that and you are all set. The salads are good too and they are all typical Bulgarian salads. If you want to try other barbeque dishes, you won’t go wrong if you order some meatballs (kufteta) and maybe some grilled steak. The sausage rolls are quite large so do not order more than 2 or you won’t be able to eat them all (unless you are starving).

Apart from the food being very good itself, the prices are really low too. You would expect to pay around € 30 for 4 people including salads, main dishes, sides and some drinks.

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Details about this spot



20 San Stefano str., Sofia

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Opening Times

12:00 - 22:00 daily


Typical meal: BGN 7

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