Tbilisi Sea Tbilisi

Image by Nino Giunashvili

Tbilisi Sea – A sea in the city

Tbilisi sea an artificial lake that serves as a reservoir. The lake has a length of 8.75 km and a width of 2.85 km. It was opened in 1953 and has become a popular recreational spot. It is a great place in summer. People go swimming and cycling around it every day. There are a few private beaches where they also have pool and bar an a restaurant. In summer I love swimming on a paddleboard which is so much fun. Also, there are boats and kites.

Earlier, this place did not use to be that popular, but a few years ago companies started to provide new fun things for youngsters to do and now there are a lot of people and lots of fun during summer. In the surroundings of the Tbilisi sea there is a Contact Zoo and dendrological park which has not opened yet. There are some animals from the old Tbilisi zoo – after the tragedy of June 13th when Tbilisi Zoo flooded, they took the animal that survived to the new place in Tbilisi Sea Dendrological park and Zoo. So if you are in Tbilisi, try to explore Tbilisi sea and its surroundings – you will be amazed.

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Tbilisi sea, Tbilisi

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