Vake Park Tbilisi

Image by Amirhossein Shahzeidi

Vake Park – Unending greenery

Vake park is one of the biggest public parks in Tbilisi. It was opened in 1964 and it covers nearly 200 hectares. When I moved to Tbilisi, Vake park was one of the first places that I would visit frequently. Its endless greenery, gorgeous fountains and tall, beautiful World War II Memorial Statue make it a perfect place for a peaceful, relaxing afternoon.

At the top of the Vake park, you’ll find the Turtle lake, a small natural lake, which you can reach either by taking the cable car, located on Chavchavadze street, up to the lake, or you could just hike and reach the lake on foot. Personally, I prefer walking to the lake: it gives me time to contemplate and wind down from daily pressure and stress. The lake seems like a reward, a jewel, which you’ll receive once you’ve climbed the hill.

There are several cafés and restaurants in Vake park and around Turtle lake. These days it feels like that there’s always a festival at Vake park, but if there isn’t any you could visit the Open Air Museum of Ethnography, which is also inside the park.

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Chavchavadze St., Tbilisi

Opening Times

24 hours daily
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