Parthenon Graffiti Thessaloniki

Image by Martina Papaioannou

Parthenon Graffiti – Street art

This graffiti is one of a series of many around Thessaloniki that are so big in size and impressive in design. This specific one, portraying what seems to be the fall of the euro – turned into columns of the Parthenon – was created on one of the dorm buildings of the Aristotle University, just above the campus. The artist by the name “Blu” is obviously trying to pass a message about the financial crisis in Greece.

The neighborhood is called “40 ekklisies” which translates to “40 churches” and it’s just a 15 minute walk away from the center but a bit uphill. In any case I suggest you visit the graffiti and also take a walk around 40 ekklisies, it’s cute and quiet.

I used to live in this neighborhood, so every morning I passed by the graffiti to get to the University and one day I heard some guys saying that there are more around the city, so I started looking and I think by today I’ve found most of them. You should also look for the girl with the phoenix graffiti (check the Tsimiski Graffiti article), which is really beautiful.

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Nestoros Teloglou 1, Thessaloniki

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