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Ardita Puma (1992)

About Me
Born in Tirana in 1992, I am a Finance & Marketing graduate, currently working in Human Resources.

On a completely different note, my passion, as I have discovered it lately, is taking pictures of every city corner that catches my attention!

I am a much happier person during winter months, when I’m reaching for my favorite cup of tea 🙂

Why Tirana
Tirana is where I grew up. Every spot is filled with memories.

It is a city that has something for everyone, for every taste; the city of calmness and chaos, of the old and the new, of quietness and loud streets, of cozy coffee shops and crowded nightlife bars, and most importantly, it’s very welcoming to everyone who wants to try any of the above 🙂

Where else can you find me online?

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