Shtepia e Gjetheve Tirana

Image by Ardita Puma

Shtepia e Gjetheve – Communism’s dark secrets

As some may know, Albania was a communist country for 45 years. I personally was born after that era, but I have always wanted to know more about it, maybe because I have heard so much from my parents. Shtepia e Gjetheve, The House of Leaves started out as the first obstetric clinic in Albania and ended up being an espionage center used by the communist government.

After reconstruction, it is now open for everyone to visit. In every room there are facts and tools used by the government back then, including one room decorated as the typical Albanian living room during communism with the exact same furniture. Shtepia e Gjetheve has two floors, numerous rooms in every floor including two rooms where you can sit and watch old Albanian movies or documentaries.

I personally would have preferred for it to have been left the way it was, to see the brutal truth, but its current design is still very good. The only room left exactly the way it was is the photography room, at the end of the hall on the first floor. In this room they had built a laboratory to analyze pictures taken secretly or cards to see what people were up to.

Shtepia e Gjetheve is open every day and tickets are only available at the entrance.

A little secret from me: if you happen to be near it on the last Sunday of the month, the entrance is free!

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Rruga Deshmoret e 4 Shkurtit, Tirana

Opening Times

09:00 - 19:30 daily


Regular ticket: Lek 700
Last Changed Date: 2016-05-19 11:45:13 +0200 (Thu, 19 May 2016)