The New Boulevard Tirana

Image by Ardita Puma

The New Boulevard – Simple aesthetics

Back when I was a kid, I remember taking the train to Durres, and it was a really fun experience for me, considering I didn’t even know we had trains. Now, sadly, even though it is pretty cheap, it is not the best way to travel. Our train station has moved now and The New Boulevard is taking its place. It is not finished yet, but most of the job is done. Underground parking, benches (yeah I mention them a lot I know), trees and flowers and all these things. To all the photo lovers, it has plenty of white spaces for that perfect white background that is so hard to find.

It may not be the perfect spot to hang out at during summer –Tirana gets really hot in summer, believe me– but for the other seasons it makes a great hangout spot. Most of the space is dedicated to pedestrians and bikes, and when it is finished, it is planned to also become a spot for different activities. It will look especially pretty after sunset with all the calm neon lights. 

Even though it is ready to take a walk on, The New Boulevard will be all done by the middle of 2018, ready to welcome all.

A little tip to find it easily: Ask for the old train station, since this is a new area and many may not know its name.

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Ish Stacioni i Trenit, Bulevardi i Ri, Tirana

Opening Times

24 hours daily


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