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Eri Mataj (1995)

About me
I just finished my Bachelor Studies in Business and Information Systems but let’s put it this way, like most people in the world: I regretted deciding on that Bachelor immediately.

I think I am not the typical person to code all day and nor am I the type to work a 10 hour job in a bank, totally not my thing. So I decided to give Marketing a shot and I started working for an online shop as a marketing assistant. I kinda like my job, it leaves me space to be creative and doesn’t have as many boundaries as coding does.

I’m an outgoing person, love to meet new people, party hard and just hang out a lot. If I’m not at some bar, I just like to read Sartre at home. I have a deep love and interest for good books, music and arts in general (you’ll get that from my articles).

Why Tirana?
What I love most about my city is the beautiful mess. Don’t get me wrong in this, but I mean the passion for life people have. I’ve traveled to some places, maybe not enough but still, I see people here have the original, traditional fire most people from the Balkans have and it’s difficult, with all the globalization, to keep that fire burning. I am talking about the people because that’s what makes a city alive, right?

Tirana might not have many museums or art galleries to see, but it has a lot of places to hang out and chill (that’s how we roll) . The nightlife is also great here, especially on weekends. You can find all sorts of places to spend a good time.

Where can you find me online?

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