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Duff – An awesome sports bar

You know what’s the greatest thing about this place? They make GREAT cheesecakes and on Mondays they serve them for FREE. Okay, just kidding. So Duff Bar kinda looks like one of those American bars you go to watch sports and drink lots of beer (Simpsons fans will get it) and I have to admit the beer there is awesome.

They often have these events like Beer Pong or you can just watch football matches while having beer. Basically if you don’t like drinking, this is not your place. But what made this place “famous” in the first place was the Beer Pong competition. Every weekend different teams challenge each other while the rest of the bar watches, while drinking :P.

They even serve some amazing American Fast Foods like Hot Dogs, Cheeseburgers, Naho burgers and lots of other burgers with delicious names and tastes. And besides the free-cheesecake-Mondays, they also serve free jelly shots from time to time, especially if it’s the first time you go there.

Really, these guys are like the nicest people in town! Give them a shot (and get one on the house).

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Details about this spot



Rruga Brigada VIII, ish Blloku, Tirana

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Opening Times

10:00 - 03:00 daily


Beer: Lek 400

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