Libri Universitar Tirana

Image by Matilda Karçanaj

Libri Universitar – My eternal orientation point

Libri Universitar is a bookstore in the Blloku area in Tirana. Libri Universitar was the most precious orientation point for me when I moved to Tirana in 2010. The first thing I was told when I asked about my faculty of that time (Faculty of Social Sciences) was go to the Libri Universitar in the Blloku area and then it will be easy. Orientating yourself is easier with the Libri Universiar in general.

I also remember it as it was where I had to queue to buy my first university books. Also whenever I would meet my new friends in the Blloku area, we would gather at Libri Universitar first and then we would head somewhere.

I still use Libri Universiar as a meeting point with friends when we want to go shopping or have a drink somewhere in the Blloku area and we haven’t decided where to go yet or when we want to decide about our destination together. I like Libri Universitar the most because it’s quickly reachable through shortcuts from different parts of Tirana.

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Abdyl Frasheri, Tirana

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Mon - Fri 09:00 - 21:00




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