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Museum of the Bank of Albania – Monetary history

Inside the beautiful historical building of the Bank of Albania, which has also been the object of restoration works lately, there is the Museum of the Bank of Albania, known otherwise as the Money Museum. I have always been fascinated by the way Albanians carry out our quite young responsibility of statehood, and I must say that this museum is a fruitful way to catch a glimpse into a very important aspect of a state’s independence and sovereignty: money.

In addition to being a handy way of getting inside the headquarters of the Central Bank, this museum serves as an exhibition space and as an educational centre. Here one can deepen their knowledge on the financial and monetary history of my country, starting from antiquity to modern times.

This space is split into two floors: the first one, known as “Rondo” because of its round architecture, exhibits the rich numismatic collection of the Central Bank. We use our own money, called Lek, and here its evolution is effectively displayed. On the second floor, the Money Museum proposes a short trip through the history of the Central Bank as an institution and its crucial role in the price and financial stability of our country. What I also like about this second space, is that it’s very interactive, and sometimes the staff even organises in-depth lectures or activities in the field of money and economy.

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Sheshi Skënderbej, nr.1, Tirana

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Tue - Thu 09:00 - 15:00




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