Mustafa Matohiti Street Tirana

Image by Elsoneda Karçanaj

Mustafa Matohiti Street – Rruga e Salës

Mustafa Matohiti Street is known as Rruga e Salës among the locals. The street has unofficially gotten this name because the ex-Prime Minister of Albania, Sali Berisha, lives there. Why I like it is not because the ex-Prime Minister lives there, but I do like it because of the many nice cafes and restaurants located on Mustafa Matohiti Street.

If you ask locals where Rruga e Salës is, you will get an answer. If you ask them about Mustafa Matohiti Street, its official name, they will probably say that they do not know. To be honest, I did not know the official name of Rruga e Salës before writing this short article. When I decided to write about it, I double checked.

Furthermore, it is difficult to find people in Albania that orient themselves with names of streets. They use mainly famous cafes, hotels, restaurants as their orientation spots. Thus, even though it is not a main street in Tirana, Rruga e Salës (Mustafa Matohiti Street) is one of few streets known by almost every person in Tirana and my favourite area in Tirana.

In the Rruga e Salës it takes me a while to choose between the cafes because there are many nice cafes in different styles and different colours like Irish Pubs, modern cafes and old style ones. I would definitely recommend the Cityart Cafe, Meduza and Casa Bar.

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Mustafa Matohiti, Tirana

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