Nona (Plot me Gjona) Tirana

Image by Marinela Gogo

Nona (Plot me Gjona) – Come out to “grandma”

Straight to the point: ‘nona’ in Gheg Albanian (the variety of Albanian language that is spoken in northern Albania) means grandmother and ‘plot me gjona’ means full of things. That explains a lot, right? I guess not only Albanian grandmothers put their grandchildren under obligation to eat until the explosion of their stomach.

Nona Plot me Gjona is a café and buffet kind of restaurant in the sixth floor at Toptani shopping center. I like going there either when I am done with shopping or when I am really hungry and in a hurry. I’m not usually hungry, but when I am, i can afford a visit to both my grandmothers within an hour, so don’t ask why I go there instead of any random fast-food. My grandmother’s house is a little bit far from my way, but i have no complaints, the Nona of Toptani fulfills my requests perfectly.

I will tell you one last thing hoping that I won’t be judged for it: the view from the sixth floor at Nona is so amazing that sometimes I feel like in one of those crazy movie scenes when a car breaks in from nowhere, crashes all the glass of the building and only Vin Diesel survives. What? I’ve watched a lot of action movies lately.

P.S. If my grandmother ever finds out about this article… pray for me!

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Details about this spot



Rruga Abdi Toptani, Toptani Shopping Center, kati 6, Tirana

Telephone number


Opening Times

24 hours daily


Cutlets & puree: Lek 490
Last Changed Date: 2016-05-19 11:45:13 +0200 (Thu, 19 May 2016)