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Reja – Inside the cloud

Reja (the Cloud) is a modern art installation placed in front of the National Gallery of Arts. Well, let’s say that Reja turned into an official selfie spot in two days (Fact: yes, you’re going to be called weird if you come to Tirana and don’t take a picture inside “The Cloud”).

Reja was designed by a Japanese architect: Sou Fujimoto. The structure of the installation, the white transparency, creates a geometric form that looks like a cloud and it looks as if mist is rising in the park in front of the Gallery. It’s a nice place to chill, meet, discuss. It’s often used as an open air cinema, especially during the summer when, every night at 20:00, they would play a movie there. Now and then different movie festivals were also held at Reja. Somehow it’s serving as a public space and forum for live and special events (and selfies).

Tirana is the second city, after London to host this piece of art. 

During the day, many open workshops are held there. You can check every event that’s going to take place at Reja on their official website. After having a relaxing time inside the Cloud, why not see what fascinating art exhibition is taking place at the Gallery of Arts? Challenge: How artistic can your night get on a level from 0 to this?

P.S: Please keep in mind before entering that it’s not allowed to consume food inside Reja. Aaaaand animals are not allowed.

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National Arts Gallery, Shëtitorja Murat Toptani, Tirana, Albania, Tirana

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09:00 - 22:00 daily




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