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Astoria Luzzi (1992)

About me
I’m addicted to change – whether that be new experiences, where I live or what I eat – and in my opinion, Toronto is the perfect place to keep up with me. And while I love how Toronto changes with every day, I’ve always had a deep interest in what it used to be: what neighborhoods used to look like, buildings of historical significance, and how glimpses of the past can be seen in the smallest parts of the city.

I have lived in many parts of Toronto while growing up, and lived in a handful of different neighbourhoods over the course of completing my undergrad and masters degree, but now I call the west-end my home while working as a media librarian and archivist. I pursue my other passions of photography, writing, cooking and traveling on the side. I make a point of learning about the local cuisine wherever I go, or just eating as much of it as possible. I think it’s safe to say my stomach is what directs my travels.

Why Toronto
Toronto is such a big city and can be overwhelming at times, but if you take the time to explore individual neighbourhoods, it can actually start to feel like a series of small towns. Every neighbourhood I have moved to, whether it be in the Entertainment District, the Village, the Annex, Chinatown, Yorkville, and now the Junction – they each have their own unique communities, and unique experiences to offer. I’m always sad to leave one neighbourhood when I move, but that never lasts for long, because Toronto as a whole feels like home, no matter what part of it I’m in.

Both the city and the people in it are vibrant and diverse and that’s what makes me love this city so much. I once returned from traveling for over a month – and as my subway car came above ground and I caught a glimpse of the skyline – not going to lie – I shed a tear. Distance really does make the heart grow fonder.

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