Alberoni Venice

Image by Filippo Muraro

Alberoni – The Venice beach

Venice is made of lots of small island connected throughout the centuries by the incessant work of its inhabitants. Some of them though remain isolated, they are too far from the city. Lido is the biggest one: it was used in the past as a resort for the nobles and today it hosts the Venice film festival, in September, and lots of beaches. My favourite one is called Alberoni.

I usually go there to chill on the beach. This place is not very crowded and the landscape is not polluted like the rest of the other beaches in Lido are. The water is unbelievably clean and it is easy to see crabs and fishes.

Most people who come here are from the island itself, so it is common to see entire families gathered, from the youngest babies to the oldest grandmothers. Lots of these families are used to renting small cabins for the season.

Going toward the sea from the most distant cabins, there is a long strip of dunes with Mediterranean shrubs, a natural barrier that makes me feel like I’m on a proper beach, far from cities and cars.

I like this place both for the nature and its genuine atmosphere that reminds me of the Italian summers of years ago.

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Alberoni Spiaggia, Venice

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24 hours daily
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