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Filippo Muraro (1992)

About me
I am Filippo, architecture student, born in 1992. I spend my time in many different ways, basically trying to improve myself and discover what the world has to offer to me. I love playing guitar, cooking and travelling. I like sports, I am always into hiking or skiing, or even for a basketball game.
I am pretty lazy, but proud of it, somehow.

Why Venice
I love my city because living in it is like staying in a beautiful bubble, where the rules are not the same as for the rest of the world. No cars, pigeons everywhere and a never-ending beauty, in every stone, in every corner. Life here just flows in a different way, sometimes slow and cheerful, some others melancholy and frustrating. Venice is a beautiful paradox, able to intensify every feeling.

Parties are few but they are the best, Venetian people have not forgotten the proper way to plan them.

Where else can you find me online?

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