Campo Santo Stefano Venice

Image by Filippo Muraro

Campo Santo Stefano – Venice crossroads

Campo Santo Stefano is the place where I live. It is one of the biggest in Venice, located in a strategic point of the city. It is just few minutes away from San Marco and Rialto and from lots of museums such as palazzo Grassi, or gallerie dell’accademia.

Campo Santo Stefano starts a few meters after Ponte dell’Accademia ends. Right here, on a house’s corner wall, there is an ancient steel door with two hidden locks. Impossible to see at first, I always challenge people to find them.

This Campo is usually swept by tourists who have found here a good point to stop and gather. During every time of the year there is something to see, sometimes a local fair, some others an art installation from the close museums. People that make music with glasses are used to play around here, sharing space with crafts sellers and street artists. There is also a deconsecrated church (named San Vidal) that hosts classical music concerts several days every week, from 21:00.

Despite this place being very frequented, it is not super-crowded and many people live in the neighborhood, like me. It will be enough to turn in a narrow street on the edges of Campo to discover another world, similar to a village where everyday life flows undisturbed…

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Campo Santo Stefano, Venice

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