Rialto Market Venice

Image by Filippo Muraro

Rialto Market – Best fish in town

Supermarkets in Venice are expensive, but I’ve found a good alternative: going shopping at Rialto‘s market.

The picturesque show of this typical Venetian market takes place just a few tens of meters from the bridge, on the side of Sestriere San Polo side. I usually go there around 10-11:00, but people start arriving early in the morning.

Venice’s inhabitants, retailers and curious tourists mix themselves into the crowd to buy any kind of vegetable and fruit and enjoy the colors and smells. Most of the products come from Sant Erasmo island, Venice’s vegetable garden. I suggest trying the island’s typical artichokes – amazing.     

Right after this campo, called erbaria, there is campo pescheria that hosts the fresh fish benches. On a wall there is an ancient marble slab indicating the minimum size of the fish on sale.

Fish is an important part of Venice’s culinary tradition, especially in the form of pesce go‘; it lives on the bottom of laguna‘s waters and its meat is used to prepare a stock; this in turn is utilized as the base for preparing one of the most old recipes in Venice, the tasty risotto di go’.

Rialto market is definitely one of Venice’s benchmarks; I love this place because of its incredible atmosphere – it brings me back to past every time I hear the sellers’ claims underneath the ancient colonnades.

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Calle de le Beccarie O Panataria, 559, Venice

Opening Times

Tue - Sat 07:30 - 12:30


30 sardines: € 6

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