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Stefano Nardone (1980)

About me
My Name is Stefano and I’m Italian.

I moved to Warsaw in 2008 and now work as a Spanish teacher in an international school.

I’m passionate about travels, music, movies, cycling and books and I like to experiment with new things and meet new people.

Since I moved, I’ve been participating in the cultural and social life of the city, meeting people that think about the sustainable development of Europe, and have joined the discussion about the acceptance of Others.

I signed up for the Spotted by Locals network because I would like to share my interests and my point of view of Warsaw with other people.

Why Warsaw?
8 years can be a long time, definitely not enough to learn perfect Polish (I’m still struggling) but enough to communicate and have chats with locals.
I love the Warsaw mood; even when the sky is grey, it’s possible to find great people and great spots that brighten your life.

I would like to share my knowledge of the city with locals and other visitors, since Warsaw is changing quite quickly, and offer an unknown pleasure for every taste.

Where can you find me online?


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