To Się Wytnie Warsaw

Image by Ola Synowiec

To Się Wytnie – Staying till the credits roll

I like pubs where you sit at the bar. You come in, even alone, go to the bar, talk to the bartender and other people who are drinking there. Unfortunately, there are not many places like this in Warsaw, but fortunately, one pub like this is situated just next to my place!

In To Się Wytnie, it’s exactly how it should be. I come in, talk to Piotrek, the owner, and other people drinking there. This place is full of extraordinary people and extraordinary chats at the bar. Young beautiful actresses, original musicians, social activists, and the rest of the crew, as well as Piotrek with “the last” goodbye drink – they always make me stay longer and longer. 

“To Się Wytnie” means: it will end up on the cutting room floor. However the name is spot on for the place, it also links to the main theme of the pub – movies. On the walls there’s the famous chess game from Bergman’s movie, the Moon from the cult Trip from 1902 and Zbyszek Cybulski – the Polish James Dean. You can see a lamp made of filmroll, watch a good movie on Thursday, and meet Chuck Norris on the menu.

Be careful, the fight with this cocktail can be hard and you may be defeated in this combat. This is not the end of movie motifs here. Some people say Piotrek looks like Ben Affleck. Is it true? Come and check!

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Details about this spot



Stalowa 46, Warsaw

Opening Times

Tue & Thu - Sat 16:00 - open end


Beer: PLN 5

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