Derian Restaurant 1 Yerevan

Image by Alan Grigorian

Derian Restaurant 1 – Syrian-Armenian cuisine

Armenians are an ancient nation, having a history that spans over 3000 years. However, for a large chunk of its history, the nation was split in two: East and West. In 1915, following the Armenian Genocide, Western Armenia was incorporated into the Republic of Turkey. Armenians escaping genocide, destruction, and death sought refuge in the South, primarily in what is today Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan. They not only preserved their traditional cuisine, but also adopted dishes from the countries they established their new homes in.

That being said, Derian Restaurant is a Syrian-Armenian restaurant. It also happens to be one of my personal favorite eateries in Yerevan. Every dish I have tried has been delicious: the chi kufte (Middle Eastern Beef Tartar) is flavorful, the muhamara (Levantine pomegranate-walnut spread) mouth watering, the kabobs delicious, and the list goes on and on.

For those interested in exploring the multifaceted aspects of Armenian cuisine, try this place out. I am positive you will love it!

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1/3 Buzand St, Yerevan

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Tue - Sat 11:00 - 00:00


Muhamara: AMD 1200


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