Teishebaini Fortress Yerevan

Image by Vahagn Vardumyan

Teishebaini Fortress – The War God’s headquarters

This site is a great place to explore one of the ancient kingdoms in the world, Urartu, the powerful ancestor of Armenia. First time I went there I was surprised by its power and at the same time felt sad because this place definitely deserves wider recognition and more popularity.

The fortress Teishebaini was called Karmir Blur (Red Hill) by locals because the eroding reddish mud brick of the constructions caused the red color of the hill to cover the site.

This archaeological site is situated in south-western part of Yerevan, south from the Hrazdan River gorge. It was founded by the Urartian king Rusa II (685-645 BC). As the cuneiform inscription excavated from the territory testifies, it was dedicated to god of thunder and war Teisheba. This ancient settlement covers more than 40 hectares and consists of a pre-urartian settlement and a Urartian city with its citadel (12th-7th centuries BC).

Viticulture was well developed in the fortress, proven by the grape seeds and wine cellars found on the first floor of the citadel. Together with the wine jars excavated in the houses of the city the total amount of wine kept in Teyshebaini was up to one million liters. In 590 BC, after the attack of the Median-Scythians, the citadel of Teyshebaini was fully destroyed and abandoned.  Yeah, the God of War could not save the settlement from the war which was dedicated to him. So make love, not war, and the God of Love will save your cities.

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Shirak Street, Yerevan

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Tue - Sun 10:30 - 16:30


Entrance fee: AMD 1000


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