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Hrvoje Brigljević (1980)

About me
The two things that could describe me best (or that people who know me would tell you) is that I am an entertainer and a coffee lover. Well, when talking about coffee, let’s call it its real name – an addiction. For its taste, color, aroma, foaminess, divinity…combine that with my other interests and skills such as tourism, travel, hospitality, vacation rentals, boxing, photography, BBQ-ing, pub crawling, restaurants hopping, organizing parties in my backyard, playing the guitar, surfing the internet and etc, you will comprehend in a minute that I do not get too much sleep :-).

Well, as somebody said (and even my great-grandmother used to say), you will sleep when you’re dead!

Why Zagreb?
“Zakaj volim Zagreb možda ne znam reć’, al za mene on je i od većeg već’!…the literal translation of these lyrics would be “Why I love Zagreb maybe I can’t say, but to me it’s greater than the greatest”…it sounds better in Croatian, but the general idea of why I love my city is contained in these lyrics.

Born and raised in Zagreb, I have lived here my whole life, as my family has for generations. Although, mainly because of the Dalmatian roots of my partner, Šibenik has become my second home and I am often traveling between these cities, especially during the summer. But the feeling that arises inside me when I see the contours of Zagreb upon my return from the trips, can’t be compared to any other feeling. Especially if I arrive by plane at night – eat your heart out Las Vegas!

I do exaggerate a bit (ok, a lot) but Zagreb, with its diversity, has to offer as much as any cosmopolitan city, only on a smaller scale. Parks, concerts, festivals, skyscrapers, restaurants, pubs, cafés, flea markets, mountain, woods, lakes, shopping…in just half an hour or less I can do any activity I want – playing sport or just chill somewhere.

Sorry if all of this sounds too pretentious, but hey, it’s my town we are talking about! 🙂

Where can you find me online?

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