Amfora Zagreb

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Amfora – From the sea with love

Perhaps unknown to the masses, Amfora is one of my favorite places to eat fish in Zagreb. Maybe it is an overstatement to call it a restaurant, as it is more of a bistro with fish specialties and a slightly dated interior. Both inside and outside, at the terrace, you will be fairly cramped between tables with no fancy tablecloths, dishes or chairs, but you will be served fresh fish straight from the fish market next door.

Let’s be clear about one thing. Here you can eat fish and seafood only, from starters to main courses. The working hours are pretty interesting: every day from 06:00 – 17:00 (and longer if needed)! Perfect for brunch or lunch, however don’t count on it for dinner.

When in Amfora, try the fish soup, black risotto or succumb to the fish of the day (less than 2 10). If you see grilled ‘trlja‘ (red mullet) on the menu, do not hesitate to order one portion. Of course, a glass of (house) red wine is a must. In case you really can’t decide what to order you certainly won’t go wrong with menu “Amfora” – an amazing combo of salted anchovy/sardines, fried anchovies/sardines (150g/portion), potato salad and a glass of wine. For only 35 kn (under € 5).

Don’t let the fact that Amfora doesn’t have any kind of dessert discourage you; you’re here to enjoy the fresh fish served with the fantastic view of colorful Dolac, the biggest food market in Zagreb. Just like locals do…

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Dolac 2, Zagreb

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06:00 - 17:00 daily


Amfora menu: Kn 35
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