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Mirna Marić (1981)

About me
I’m a freelance translator, journalist and photographer with a passion for travelling. I’m very much into arts and culture, and my very special passion is music.

I’ve been living in Zagreb since 2000 when I came here to study Comparative Literature and English Studies, and I fell in love with this city. From my own travels, I know how precious it is to meet locals and get insider tips from them; it’s one of the most wonderful aspects of travelling. And so I equally enjoy being on the ”other side”, i.e. sharing the special places in my own city with other travellers.

I have hosted lots of people from all around the world at my place (via Couchsurfing and various student projects), showed them around and took them to my favourite places. For me, it’s a great pleasure to contribute to travellers’ impressions about my city.

Why Zagreb
I enjoy living in Zagreb because it has, in my opinion, a perfect ratio between the city size and its cultural offering. I love big cultural cities with tons of artistic events, but at the same time I love to walk and ride a bike (while I dislike spending hours in metro or other public transport), and in Zagreb, I enjoy the fact that I can easily go anywhere on foot or by bike.

I love it because it’s culturally very lively, I love its music scene, arthouse cinemas, galleries, theatres. I love its parks and promenades, and open-air venues and summer festivals in the Upper town. I love its street art and small cafes with gourmet coffee. I love its mountain, Medvednica, with lots of hiking trails. I love Jarun lake, biking around it, watching the boats, or drinking endless coffees in one of the cafes on its shore.

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