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Breadclub – Cruffins from heaven

Although Zagreb is so populated with bakeries, until recently we didn’t really have artisanal ones. When Korica opened in 2016, it changed the local bakery scene. Then in the winter of 2019/2020, Breadclub opened on two locations, becoming an even bigger sensation – and rightfully so.​

​A team of young baking enthusiasts opened this bakery that makes bread with natural yeast. Natural yeast technology is a by-product of nature, and working with it presents the most demanding type of bakery from the technological aspect, but also the most beautiful, according to the Breadclub team.

The first Breadclub bakery opened in the Trešnjevka neighborhood, but I personally visit the one in Vlaška street, where you can also sit at the covered terrace and enjoy an excellent coffee, matcha latte or tea with your pastry. And regarding pastry, it sounds like an exaggeration, but really everything is delicious, both sweet and salty! Each time I visit Breadclub, I face a very difficult choice, and very often a banal factor such as availability decides – goodies often sell out fast. Breadclub has its permanent pastry offer, but every now and then they launch some seasonal novelty, which usually sells out already in the morning, as everyone is eager to try it.

Each visit starts with the sweet torment of choosing and ends with a feeling that even though you feel full, you could eat another piece. Some of my favourites are pistachio cruffin, matcha cookie, pumpkin muffin (winter special), but watch out for seasonal novelties too.

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Vlaška ulica 27, Zagreb

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Mon - Fri 07:00 - 20:00, Sat 07:00 - 14:00


Cruffin: Kn 22


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