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Tamara Lipnjak (1992)

About me
I was born but not raised in Zagreb and moved back to the city in 2010 when I started my university studies. I finished my Master’s degree in Education and Sociology in the meantime and am currently working for an NGO as a project manager and youth worker.

While education is my main professional interest, in my free time I love balancing out the pragmatism of my day-job with reading, philosophy and expressing myself through writing and music. If I had the time, I’d spend all my money on travel and activities in the outdoors.

Why Zagreb
Although it seems that Zagreb has become internationalized only in the past few years, it has for decades been a melting pot of cultures present in different Croatian regions. And along with the arrival of expats from other countries of the world, Zagreb’s cultural, gastronomic and bar scene has been blooming. Whether it’s street festivals, concept stores, bars with live music or pubs serving local craft beer – there’s something new to discover each week. And I love that they are effortlessly co-existing with those old, very typical Zagreber places and customs – like the Saturday visit to the farmer’s markets that exist in every neighborhood.

What’s also great about Zagreb is its geographical position: our local Medvednica mountain can be reached by public transport and in a few hours by car one can visit either the Alps or the Adriatic sea.

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