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Image by Tamara Lipnjak

Velvet Pepper Studio – Yoga & swing

I found out about Velvet Pepper Studio through an article in a healthy and aware living magazine. It featured a two-page article showing pictures of a light-filled yoga studio with colorful mats rolled up on the wall and something that I at that time interpreted as hammocks hanging from the ceiling. The hammocks were what got me interested, and scanning the article I found out that the precise terminology of what I was trying to grasp was a Yoga Swing.

Since I hadn’t heard of anything similar in Zagreb before, I got curious. I packed my workout clothes and walked over to Park Franje Tuđmana one morning, up Vinogradska street, to find out what it was all about.

The experience was different than I expected – thinking of myself as quite a flexible and body-aware person, I found out that the asanas you’re supposed to do while hanging from the ceiling presented quite a challenge to my ability to maintain balance. The trapeze reflects every unevenness of your breathing by starting to swing in unexpected directions or pace, reminding you to stay focused.

The studio offers drop-in classes, as well as a variety of massages and inspiring workshops covering different topics related to yoga and well-being. The classes can also be taught in English. Especially the yoga swing classes tend to be full, so make sure to reserve your spot by messaging the studio in advance.

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