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Image by Tamara Lipnjak

Krivi Put – For reevaluating your life choices

Krivi put means “wrong path”, as in when someone tells you that you’re on the wrong path, or when you fear that you might have chosen the wrong life path. Not just the name, but the place itself insinuates that that’s just what you might have done, especially if you find yourself there on a week-night having beer and avoiding responsibilities. 

It’s one of those spots that remind you that it sucks that you’ve “grown up”. And where you pretend that you haven’t. During uni-times, we loved to pick a random school night when we definitely had an exam to study for, homework to do or a paper to write. Then either my flat-mate or I would interrupt the other one by innocently suggesting to just have a quick walk to Krivi put (walks are healthy and help you concentrate, right?) and have ONE beer. I admit, I lied, I knew every time how that would work out for us.

Although Krivi put definitely has a (purposeful) clochard style to it  – and you might pride yourself of being a full-blown adult with a job you’re not ashamed of  – there’s still an irresistible feeling of guilty pleasure to having a drink there once in a while. It has a huge yard with colorful wooden tables and benches, beer-garden style, which in summer gets really crowded. It’s completely acceptable to squeeze in next to someone at the table that seems the least crowded then and start a conversation about life choices.

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Details about this spot



Savska cesta 14, Zagreb

Opening Times

10:00 - 02:00 daily


Beer: Kn 12

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