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About me
Hi there! My name is Simi, and I love traveling and eating good food. I like going to unique restaurants and cafes where they offer a nice and unique ambiance.

Other than that, my hobbies include outdoor activities such as skiing, swimming and diving. But when the weather isn’t that good, I enjoy programming and experimenting with tech.

Why Zurich?
Zurich is a city full of surprises, where countless activities and unique spots lie just beneath the surface, waiting to be discovered. For example, Zurich has an outdoor surfing wave in the middle of the city, a digital art expo, and a cafe that is the birthplace of an entire artistic movement.

So whether art, tech, or sports is your thing, Zurich caters to every interest, ensuring that there’s something truly special for everyone. I really enjoy the diversity this city offers and that you can always find what you are looking for.

Where can you find me online?

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