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Image by Ellen-Aleksandra Svorjova

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Ellen-Aleksandra from Zurich

I love Zürich because it is intense and outgoing, nested on a breathtaking hill...

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One of the best things to do to understand locals is to explore how they shop. I would like to introduce you to a grocery store experience – Zürich style. Trust me, it will exceed your expectations of what shopping in one of the most expensive cities in the world could look like.

To reach Jelmoli Food Market, enter the Jelmoli department store and head to the underground floor. It is just a grocery store, yet it is designed to fulfill the dreams of the most demanding foodies in the city. To get straight to the point, it has fresh counters with real caviar and marbled steaks, a wine section, with a special showcase behind the glass, and a humidor – an atmosphere-controlled room with whole cheese wheels of exotic Swiss kinds. What brings the shopping experience to a truly next level, is the mini-restaurants scattered throughout the store. You will find a tea room, premium sushi, a grill at the butchers, and gourmet pasta. Great to stop by for a quick snack or a quality lunch.

Don’t be put off by exclusivity – the atmosphere is very welcoming and comfy. And despite exquisite selection, it is still a grocery store, and even without a generous budget you will find great ingredients for your next cooking session. I personally pop in to buy tasty souvenirs for beloved ones or to find special ingredients that Swiss stores often lack.

For a pinch of reality, complete your experience by visiting a Swiss discount supermarket Denner.

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Ellen-Aleksandra from Zurich

Ellen-Aleksandra Svorjova photo

I love Zürich because it is intense and outgoing, nested on a breathtaking hill...

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Seidengasse 1, Zurich

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Opening Times

Mon - Fri 10:00 - 20:00, Sat 9:00 - 20:00


A meal: CHF 25


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