Terrasse Café – All from one hand

Terrasse Café Zurich

Image by Miltiadis Sarakinos

Terrasse Café – All from one hand

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Miltiadis from Zurich

I can only imagine myself in a city with a nice waterfront. Zurich is simply a v...

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“So where do we go now?” you asked your companion(s) that Saturday evening after dinner; it somehow felt too early to call it an evening and you had something like a bar with music in mind.

Or maybe you felt like having a tea or a snack that Saturday afternoon after shopping?

Read my other articles to get plenty of ideas for such occasions. Read this one to know a place that offers all in one for you: Café Terrasse.

The special thing about Café Terrasse is that there is nothing special about it: it is a valid choice for all occasions. Centrally located near Bellevueplatz, the venue is open from early till late: for a snack, a complete meal, a tea, a late drink, inside or outside, with or without music.

There is a big central area with tables and plenty of light during daytime for the bourgeoisie that wants to feel pampered with a bit of luxury: yes, the moment of truth is when that big tea portion you ordered arrives.

Lights are dimmed later on and the mood adapts accordingly.

The outside: a garden terrace for the warm season, Zurich style (flip flops and tattoos on those areas of the body that can be decently exposed). For some intimacy, there is a small balcony terrace on the side of the river.

Last but not least: a bar area with a younger (or younger feeling) public and the appropriate (electronic) music. Sounded like house last time.

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Miltiadis from Zurich

Miltiadis Sarakinos photo

I can only imagine myself in a city with a nice waterfront. Zurich is simply a v...

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Limmatquai 3, Zurich

Telephone number


Opening Times

Mon - Tue 10:00 - 01:00, Wed - Sat 10:00 - 02:00, Sun 10:00 - 00:00


Espresso: CHF 6.20


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