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About me
“I feel like a rabbit trapped on a road to nowhere, frozen in the headlights of the 21st century.”

Even though I’ve been living in Nea Smyrni, Athens for all my life apart from those 5 years of studies in the Aegean island town of Mytilini (Cultural technology and communication – still haven’t got it all figured out myself), I’m not a pure-blooded Greek, to go by the depressingly fashionable term. My father’s an Australian and my mother’s a Greek German teacher, a fact which made me go through an obligatory rite of passage to looking at the world in a different way from very early on.

Sometimes I feel like a visitor not only in my own home country, being stitched into the inevitably superficial seams of multiculturalism (“what do you mean, you’ve never watched *insert old Greek movie here?*”), but humankind in general, often favouring animals over people and nature over culture – and believe me, I love culture and how it’s part of human life. I belong to those who dislike arbitrary categorization, especially when it comes to people, love keeping a dangerously open mind and an impractically idealistic worldview.

I’ve basically studied theory of culture and media, therefore I love everything that has to do with newer techniques of representation and art; videogames, animation, interactivity, web design, photography. Some of the things I enjoy are dreaming, sleeping, sharing, drinking, laughing, thinking, playing, writing, translating, learning new languages and things about the world, looking at the sky, walking long distances and making strange new connections.

I am a Pisces with Scorpio ascendant, an INFP and an Enneagram 4w5, if you’re into this sort of thing at all.

Why Athens?
I grew up in Athens but on the one hand couldn’t appreciate it when I was little and on the other didn’t spend a lot of time in it in my most formative years, that is my student life. Now that I’ve been living here for some time as an adult, I’ve been able to enjoy the full benefits of living in the capital of the European crisis, the “birthplace of civilization” and hub for new, hopeful movements of people looking to create a better future, all at the same time and place. For every three old shops being devoured by the crisis there’s a new one full of spirit and hopes sprouting up somewhere. This fluidity enchants me.

Athens’ pretty and ugly side are often overlooked because of its cultural fame. Its most recent history is often forgotten and its current social dynamics brushed over. They are matters that I find especially interesting because they have a visible impact on the present more than any ancient ruin. For the person willing to dig deeper there’s plenty to find, and I’m striving to become that person. I love imagining and exploring these hidden sides while having fun and enjoying its cultural life that is evolving just as Athenians are facing new challenges.

It’s a mostly ugly, chaotic and decaying city, yes, but you can always somehow count on Athens to surprise you, revealing things you never knew existed; if you’re willing to look for the beauty, that is. Like an old lover: just when you thought you’d got over it, it makes you fall for it again and again, ugliness somehow translated into more to love, or to at least accept. Is it a vicious circle? Maybe… but I do love circular things.

Where can you find me online?
Hallografik.ws (my website/blog)
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