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Dimitris from Athens

If I had to encompass Athens in a single image & feeling, it would be the city's...

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The first thing that’s awesome about Blame the Sun is its name. It raises all kinds of questions (“blame the sun for what?”) as much as it’s an answer itself to much of what’s wrong with Greece – and more of what’s right. The irony is that this new taproom in Koukaki opened during the 2nd endless COVID quarantine in 2021, during which many people hadn’t been caressed by our home star’s rays in months – i.e. the crowds that have been gathering outside this cool new bar, plastic cups of “takeaway” beer in hand, and just hanging out on the sidewalk carefully keeping away from each other, who throw a wrench of legal and moral ambiguity into the lockdown machine.

If you ask me, it’s a much-needed demonstration of effectively harmless civil disobedience. At the time of writing, Greece is in its 6th month of closed bars, restaurants and cafés. You can blame the sun alright.

Anyway, similar to Strange Brew before them, these guys had been a mainstay at every craft beer gathering in recent years, standing out by their colorful, cartoony labels and tiki/Hawaiian theme. Their IPAs and softer brews are fruity and fresh, like you’re sitting in a cool tropical breeze. I tried the Hula Doll with notes of coconut. It filled the bill nicely, although I have to admit I was disappointed I couldn’t find a true sour ale like my favorites at (the more expensive) Strange Brew nearby. Your mileage may vary, of course!


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Dimitris from Athens

Dimitris Hall photo

If I had to encompass Athens in a single image & feeling, it would be the city's...

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Veikou 60, Athens

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15:00 - 23:00 daily


Hula Doll 0.4L: € 3.80


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