Skład Butelek Warsaw

Image by Ola Synowiec

Skład Butelek – Feel of artistic Praga

Skład Butelek is, for me, the most obvious Pragian spot for a Thursday night. Thursday is when my favourite jam session is. Here, there are talented musicians, interesting instruments and sample lyrics written on little pieces of grey paper. I’ll never forget one night there. It’s 04:00, Skład Butelek is still full, all the alcohol from the bar is sold out and 40 people are singing and playing “Tonight we are young,” by Fun. These kind of nights, when the energy of so many people is gathered in one song, make me feel very very alive.

Skład Butelek is the oldest club in 11 listopada area (with Hydrozagadka, Chmury, Teatr Akademia and Hostel Fabryka). There is a very specific and unforgettable climatic basement atmosphere and the smell of an old church. The place was opened by two girls – twins: Olga and Magda, and it’s supported by their family and friends, which makes the place very homey and intimate. You can taste plenty of interesting beers here, from small breweries both local and foreign. For those on a budget, Skład Butelek also has its own beer “Składowe” which is the cheapest and is the obligatory thing to try here. Sometimes they have their own homemade liquors and vodkas.

Skład Butelek is, in my opinion, the best example of a typical Pragian place: old furniture, homey atmosphere and the energy of local artists gathered in one place.

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Details about this spot



11 listopada 22, Warsaw

Telephone number


Opening Times

19:00 - open end daily


Beer: PLN 8


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