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About me
Hi! My name is Isidore and I was born and raised in Amsterdam. I have always been a curious person so I decided to make it my job! I am a journalist for a Dutch broadcaster and I make shows about breaking stigmas and about topics that are important in today’s society. As a journalist, I also LOVE writing a lot. I have written down everything about my travels, I write poetry and now I write about the most beautiful city in the world: Amsterdam!

Why Amsterdam?
Amsterdam is very special in many ways. People get around on bikes and bicycles create a certain freedom in getting around. Not only that: the architecture is very special and the buildings have a lot of history. And lastly, Amsterdam is known for many historic icons such as Heineken, Anne Frank, and Rembrandt. But not only is the city special in these aspects: Amsterdam has a special place in my heart. The city is small enough to give the safe and familiar feeling of a village, but I also like that you can be anonymous on the street as well. I love that I can go to museums, the theater, have some coffee and also have enough access to green spaces. Amsterdam is so kind, I hope everyone will experience it like that when they visit.

Where can you find me online?

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