Eiburgh Snacks Amsterdam

Image by Kristel van der Burgh

Eiburgh Snacks – Arguably the best fries in town

In the far east of Amsterdam, across the bridge from East to Zeeburgereiland next to the tram depot, they sell the best fries of Amsterdam. Because no, they don’t sell ‘em in those tourist traps around Central Station, let me tell you. Though this place might look like something you’d quickly want to walk past, Eiburgh Snacks is definitely worth the visit.

It might be hard to find, there in between the bridge, parking area, busy road and tram depot. But once you find yourself in the little, kind of shabby looking shipping container of Eiburgh Snacks, you will be rewarded with the best fries in town.

And what makes them so great? Take a peek inside the next container and you’ll always see the same 80-year-old man hand-cutting a mountain of potatoes while listening to some jams. These hand-cut potatoes are fried multiple times to create this perfectly crunchy pile of fries. If you’re one of those weird people who like soggy fries, then don’t go. If you always enjoy the crunchy bits at the bottom the most, then GO NOW. And as a peanut sauce lover, a bad sauce can always ruin the fries for me. At Eiburgh Snacks, the sauces are the perfect companions to the even more perfect fries. And I even heard that their Belgian classic ‘patatje stoofvlees’ (fries topped with beef stew) is even better than its original counterpart.

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Details about this spot



Zuiderzeeweg 2, Amsterdam

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Opening Times

11:00 - 18:45 daily


Fries w/ sauce: € 3

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