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Institute Yakout – Manicure is a MUST

As I have already mentioned in another article, Lebanese really like to pamper themselves. While wandering around, try to focus and you will notice that you rarely find a woman without a fresh manicure. Ok, maybe now, during the economic crisis caused by the revolution, you will see it more often :).

Normally, a visit to the esthetician once a week is a MUST. Most of them offer manicure, pedicure, laser, facial, makeup… I have tried many, but my favorite is Institute Yakout — even though it is not in my neighborhood, I make an effort and drive there. And it is worth it!

You will be welcomed by Yakout’s huuuge smile and loud voice and you will see her running to prepare your coffee the way you like it. Then you can sink into the enjoyment of your procedure. I love her facials and manicure, the pedicure is a MUST, you know that already. Her place is small but bright and clean. You will get involved in some informal discussions that will slowly slowly turn personal and you notice that most of the customers passing and going already know each other. This is why I love this place.

They can do your nails wherever but here it turns into a social event, a coffee with friends, an appointment in your calendar that brightens up your day. Whether you are just passing by Beirut or staying a bit longer, do it the Lebanese way, pamper yourself and do it at Yakout.

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Ein Rmeneh, Beirut

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Mon - Fri 09:00 - 19:00


Manicure: LBP 30000

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