The Blue Tea House Beirut

Image by Rayan Ezzeddine

The Blue Tea House – House of organic tea

Welcome to The Blue Tea House! Opened solely in Beirut, the blue house focuses on the philosophy to “bring tea as it should be”. This is the ultimate hidden gem for tea lovers!

This is a unique concept of rare and organic tea that is not commercialized. As they say “Like the ancient Phoenicians, we travel the blue seas and explore the world to carefully select the best pure teas and most outstanding blends. And like the phoenix we revive age old traditions by rekindling the refined pleasures of distinctive flavors.” 

The Blue Tea House aims to provide its customers with unique mixtures of tea from the organic fields and farms. Some of their teas come with the blend of their own unique tea-aging process in Japan and China. This shows how much respect they have for tea traditions and how they are trying to revive these traditions of different cultures of tea!

When I first experienced the Blue Tea House, it felt like a movie scene that reminded me of the old English aristocracy tradition when the elite women gathered around in their gardens and had their sip of tea the English way.

However, this is not considered a restaurant or cafe, it is a salon of tea tasting or buying and you need to book beforehand in order to have a chance to taste their teas! Many people book a spot there for a date, birthday or any other event!

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Details about this spot



Gouraud, Beirut

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Opening Times

Mon - Fri 11:00 - 18:00


Set menu: LBP 55,000


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