A Flag of Yugoslavia Belgrade

Image by Djordje Vidojevic

A Flag of Yugoslavia – A star high up

You will not find that many state flags in Belgrade. Except for the official city and state institutions, we don’t really put our flag randomly around the city. 

Which is why it’s even more surprising to see that still, after 20 years, a flag of Yugoslavia can be seen really high up, in the city centre on a random old building. 

And it’s not like someone put it through their bedroom window, this one seems legit. Yugoslavia is a mixed bag of memories and emotions for most people that lived in it, from my perspective at least, so I like to think that when people see it (which I don’t think happens often, because they do not look up) they stop and reflect a bit on how it was then and how it is now.

But in the end I just would like to know that seeing this flag makes you stop as well and perhaps learn something new (like how did the flag of Yugoslavia actually look like), and if not, well, it makes me look up every time I pass by it to make sure it’s still up there.

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Obilićev venac 4, Belgrade

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24 hours daily


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