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Djordje Vidojevic (1993)

About me
‘Me’ is a person that loves maps (they are amazing aren’t they?), postcards and film photography. In Belgrade since 2012. My profession on paper – Graphic designer.

Sometimes I do animation, always eat ice cream, travel whenever possible and frequently volunteer at film festivals. I don’t leave the house without a backpack and at least 4 things that I don’t, but I might, need.

Why Belgrade?
Because it’s a mess. A beautiful mess to explore. Because of its location (two rivers), completely different architectural styles and how a socialist 1960s building is ‘taped’ to a 1870s one. They coexist. Belgrade does that marvelously; being in the middle.

The strong wind and cold Sunday mornings, the ‘dobro je’ graffiti, bakery on every corner and the National Museum that has been closed for over a decade. Because it struggles constantly.

Where can you find me online?

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