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Djordje Vidojevic (1993)

About me
I love maps, postcards, and film photography. I’m a graphic and web designer on paper and a volunteer in practice, with non-formal education in the back of my mind. I also make posters, hand-printed or embroidered t-shirts, and give people art tours of Belgrade.

Things I do? Sketch, make lists, never refuse an ice cream, and travel whenever possible. Things I don’t do? Leave the house without a backpack and at least 4 things that I don’t, but might, need.

Why Belgrade?
Such a location! It can be so dazzling. But only if you look closely and listen carefully to its strong winds will you find the true beauty of Belgrade. Its mishmash of buildings and broken tiles is telling you a story, you just need to look up, down, and behind every corner, because Belgrade is well rounded.

But at the end of the day – Belgrade, because it’s the place I put in the center when picturing a map of me and my life. It is kilometer zero for me. Because it struggles constantly, like the rest of us humans.

Where can you find me online?

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